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Milwaukee, Wisconsin's Highest Quality in Organic Pain Relief,
Skin Care, 
& Organic Essential Oil Aromatherapy!



I was having such pain around the outside of my left knee. I used the pain salve on this area, and it worked so quickly, I really don't know when the pain stopped! It just left! I suggest that you try this pain salve for yourself, and see how quickly it works for you.
- Glenda (Mequon, WI)


I am very pleased with the 2 ounce container of Pain Salve that I ordered. I ordered it back on Thursday and by last night (Saturday) when I arrived home from work, it was here! Shipping was very prompt and the customer service was outstanding!
- Jonathan (Menomonee Falls, WI)


I was very impressed with Mountain Crest Organics and their pain salves. The pain salve’s ability to get rid of headaches and other pain in a matter of seconds was astounding! I’m a 4th year medical student and I have never heard of anything that is completely all natural, yet works so well on such a variety of pains. This pain salve is a product that every person should have.
- Brett (Bellevue, NE)


I have used the First Aid Salve and Pain Salve from Mountain Crest Organics. My usage is much more extensive with the First Aid Salve because it is great on open cuts. I get minor lacerations, scrapes and other topical abrasions from my athletic lifestyle. Not only does the First Aid Salve provide an antiseptic layer of protection, but it also dulls the pain considerably. Furthermore, it noticeably shortens the time it takes to heal completely. I wholeheartedly recommend the First Aid Salve to anyone considering it, and I believe the other products are worth trying as well.
- Jeremy (Pewaukee, WI)



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Looking for the highest quality in organic pain relief? You've come the right place! Our 100% Organic Pain Salve is designed to treat pain at its source by breaking up toxins, improving blood circulation, and reducing inflammation. Our Organic Pain Salve is completely organic with no harmful ingredients. You will feel the difference in this pain relief cream the first time you try it. Why are we so confident of it? Because our unique blend of the highest quality organic herbs and essential oils offers Milwaukee, Wisconsin's highest quality organic pain relief. Need an even stronger pain relief cream for more serious and chronic pain? Try our Organic Pain Salve 2X!


In addition to our incredible unique Organic Pain Salve, our organic skin care products are bound to show you the Mountain Crest Organics difference. Our Organic Shea Butter is 100% pure unrefined shea butter that is whipped into a creamy texture that you will not find anywhere else. This nutrient-rich organic moisturizer is rich in Vitamins A, E, & F. It contains your essential fatty acids that will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth, and fresh. Our Organic Body Butters, whether you are interested in our Chamomile Body Butter, our Citrus Body Butter, or our Lavender Body Butter, is combination of organic shea butter and an essential oil infused in extra virgin olive oil to create the perfect organic moisturizer.


Looking for more essential oil aromatherapy benefits? Try one of our Organic Essential Oils, Organic Essential Oil Blends, or Organic Aromatherapy Inhalers! Our all-organic Aromatherapy Inhalers offer unique aromatherapy benefits simply coming from our unique blends of essential oils. Our Morningtime Aromatherapy Inhaler is a special blend of citrus essential oils that help with mental clarity, focus, and alertness. Our Eveningtime Aromatherapy Inhaler is aa blend of Chamomile and Lavender essential oils to offer mental relaxation, calming, stress relief, and rest. We also offer Organic Lavender Essential Oil, Organic Eucalyptus Essential Oil, Organic Pepeermint Essential Oil, and coming soon, Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil, and Organic Sweet Orange Essential Oil.






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