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Organic Pain Salve

Our Organic Pain Salve has a unique ability to treat your pain by breaking up toxins under the skin, reducing inflammation, and improving blood circulation without any chemicals in the product. Safe for your use, and effective for your pain.

Starting at $12.00

Organic Citrus Butter

Our Organic Citrus Body Butter has a unique ability to moisturize your skin effectively. Using shea butter and citrus essential oil, its ingredients are 100% organic. Citrus is also great aromatherapy for mental alertness! Safe for your use.

Priced at $13.00

Organic First Aid Salve

Our Organic First Aid Salve has a unique ability to treat wounds without any chemicals in the product. It can prevent infection, encourage a quicker healing process, fades scars, and much more. Safe for your use, and excellent for children too.

Starting at $11.00

We are committed to the ethical treatment of animals. We use absolutely no animal testing in the production of our products.

All of our ingredients and supplies come from right here in Denver, Colorado, USA to support our local economy.

Our promise to our customers.

Mountain Crest Organics is dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to the harmful ingredients used everywhere else on the market. We are a chemical free, 100% organic company and we promise to NEVER compromise on our core values. We also promise to never consider our own profit ahead of the needs and interests of our customers. While a profit is needed to successfully run a business, we will never take more profit by compromising on our values. We are here to serve our community and not to be served. We always offer our products at the lowest possible cost, so that you know that we value your health, and the health of our community more than our own profit.

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Another New Product Has Been Added!

It's always exciting to see new products coming! Our newest product is an Organic Burn Butter. Although very similar to the Burn Salve, it comes in a creamier, smoother texture and is excellent for sensitive skin. It has the same great healing properties that can speed the healing of mild burns, prevent blistering, and provide relief for the pain associated. It is now available, and through the end of the month, to kick it off, it is 10% off! Order it now!

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