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We are committed to the ethical treatment of animals. We use absolutely no animal testing in the production of our products.

All of our ingredients and supplies come from right here in Denver, Colorado, USA to support our local economy.



Who we are.

Mountain Crest Organics exists to enhance our community physically and spiritually by providing awareness on the importance of your health and on the harmful toxins in most products, and by providing safe alternatives at the lowest cost possible to grow a healthy community and to improve the quality of their life.

We specialize in Organic Healing Salves & Organic Skin Care products, starting with our revolutionary Organic Pain Salve that has worked so well for so many people. The Organic Pain Salve can help reduce every type of pain minor to major simply because of its properties that help reduce inflammation, break up toxins, and help improve your blood circulation. Learn more about our Organic Pain Salve!

On top of that our line of Organic Skin Care products, including our Organic Shea Butter, and our Organic Body Butters make for the highest quality skin care products available! All of our products are chemical free and safe for your use. Why not check out our Organic Shea Butter or our Organic Body Butters?

Our promise to our customers.

Mountain Crest Organics is dedicated to providing healthy alternatives to the harmful ingredients used everywhere else on the market. We are a chemical free, 100% organic company and we promise to NEVER compromise on our core values. We also promise to never consider our own profit ahead of the needs and interests of our customers. While a profit is needed to successfully run a business, we will never take more profit by compromising on our values. We are here to serve our community and not to be served. We always offer our products at the lowest possible cost, so that you know that we value your health, and the health of our community more than our own profit.

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Not sure which product is for you?

To help with pain relief caused by arthritis, eczema, gout, inflammation, back pain, muscle strains, muscle spasms, and any other type of major or minor pains, try our Organic Pain Salve.

To help with burns, contact burns, sunburns, or other burns, to prevent blistering, disinfect, and help heal the burn quicker and avoid scarring, try our Organic Burn Butter. For milder burns, maybe try the Organic Burn Salve.

To help with cuts, scrapes, bruises, bug bites, to fade scars, to reduce swelling, to prevent scarring, to heal a wound quicker, for injuries with open wounds, to clean, disinfect and prevent infection of wounds, try our Organic First Aid Salve.

To help with cold & flu symptoms, nausea, headaches, migraines, congestion, or to simply help build your immune system to help fight against colds or the flu, try our Organic Immunity Salve.

To help with sore feet, sore hands, general stiffness, mild pains, or other milder symptoms, try our Organic Relief Butter.

To help with dry, cracked skin, aging skin, wrinkles, acne, breakouts, worn skin, or to moisturize your skin, try our Organic Whipped Shea Butter, or add an essential oil with one of our body butters.

Our body butters include our Organic Cocoa Butter, which is good for extra sensitive skin, our Organic Chamomile Body Butter, which is good for extra dry or itchy skin, our Organic Citrus Body Butter, which has good aromatherapy benefits for mental alertness and focus, or our Organic Lavender Body Butter, which has good aromatherapy benefits for mental relaxation and to help you sleep.

To help with diaper rash, stretch marks, extra sensitive skin, or as a skin moisturizer for your young children and infants, try our Organic Baby Butter.

Contact Us:

Mountain Crest Organics
(720) 548-8079

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